The Estate S. Zibio


The company led by Linda, Louis and Donatella, cultivates 15 hectares of vineyards in the area Doc Euganean Hills, and a plot of olive groves in Monselice.

The greatest ambition of this "family" has been reached after a few years, developing the complete chain: the production of grapes to the bottling of the wine.

The vineyards are planted with dense cordon system and to enhance the quality of the grapes produced.

The cellar, equipped with modern winemaking facilities, allows you to store the juice before, and then the wine, in stainless steel tanks of large capacity, with constant temperature control.

I vinificatori

The winemakers

Sala imbottigliamento

Particular bottling hall


Degustazione all'aperto

Tasting outdoors

Sala degustazione e spuntini

The tasting room and snacks

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