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Business complex

Business complex

Tenuta S. Zibio extends to the eastern slopes of the Euganean Hills, remains of a volcanic group from the Cenozoic era, in a part of the countryside overlooking the valley surrounded by greenery Regional park, kissed by the sun, by that heat of the sun that becomes wine and ... oil.

Winery - Tenuta S. ZibioThe company symbol is the result of careful research, derived from a statuary image of the Time which is located inside the beautiful and famous Italian garden of Villa Barbarigo, a few steps from the estate. There mano indicates the constant work of man, the hourglass the passing of hours, the sole, the light that radiates and warms that nature around which brings particular organoleptic properties to the wine, such as to make it unique and precious to the taste.

The company was born from the desire to unite two companies rich in history in the wine sector, under the banner of innovation understood as a fact of culture and mentality. Corporate culture, work value, rootedness in one's own territory, love for nature ... are a solid point of reference for those who find hospitality in this family!

careful thinning of the bunches

Careful thinning of the bunches

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